Wilton Water Commission
March 27, 2002

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Chairperson Jim Tuttle; Tom Herlihy & Charlie McGettigan.
CLERK:    Diane Nilsson

Jim Tuttle called the meeting to order at 7:55 p.m.
1. Minutes - February 27, 2001
MOTION: Mr. McGettigan  moved to accept the 2/27/02 minutes as written. Mr. Tuttle seconded and   all were in favor.
2. Ken Sullivan has sent two checks to the Town to pay for his water service. One check in the amount of $1,000 and one in the amount of $5,000. But the $5,000 check had restrictions attached to it as to how the funds could be used so the board will not deposit either check until consulting with the Town attorney.
3. Sam Proctor lawsuit. The court hearing will go ahead as planned since no offer of payment was received
      from Mr. Proctor.
4.   Stockwell Brook dam Emergency Action Plan: Mr. McGettigan will coordinate this in April.
5.   Dam maintenance:  The highway dept. will clean out the debris in the spillway & repair the outlet valves.        Mr. McGettigan will get prices for a chain-link fence along the Sand Hill Road side of the right-of-way and extending down the stream below the dam.
6.   David & Jane Glines:  The commission still has not received the requested survey map.
7.   New chlorination system:  Electrician Mark Weissflogg read the manual for the new system before doing the electrical work. However, the manual said that the motor was 230, and Mark wired for 440. After the system was installed, Mr. McGettigan couldn’t get it to work so he called A&D and they came out and
      changed the electrical input from 440 to 230. But an error was made during this process and when the motor was turned on, it burned out and blew a fuse as well. So it appears that mistakes were made all around.  A&D said that they won’t send any bills for the two service visits and will leave it up to the board
 as to whether it thinks they should pay for the motor replacement. The motor cost $185. The board decided  to pay for the motor and not charge A&D or Mark Weissflogg.
8. Second River Crossing:  Gary @ R.H. White is not returning calls to Mr. McGettigan. Mr. McGettigan  will call the Auburn office to find out if this company is interested in completing the work that they agreed to do.
9. Remaining water meter installations:  Porter Plumbing completed a new installation at the Plant residence &  fixed problems at Lynne Brookshire’s. Mr. McGettigan will have them look at doing the work at Regional  Urban Development. He will also speak to Dick Tuttle about his two meter installations one more time  before taking legal action.
10. Eastview Condos gate boxes & valves:  Mr. McGettigan will do this job after the Dam maintenance &  emergency action plan.
11. Overdue accounts:  All overdue accounts are current except those that are being liened. Mr. McGettigan will  follow though with those.
12. Quinn Bros. gravel operation on Route 31 South:  Mr. McGettigan & Mr. Herlihy both reported that there  appears to be no refueling pad at the gravel operation, as required by the planning board. Mr. McGettigan  will contact the planning board and get a copy of the permit and see what all the requirements were.
13.  Security issues; wells, pump station & standpipe. Continued to April meeting.
14.  Consumer Confidence Report:  Must be mailed by July 1.
15.  Water Tank Painting:  Mr. Herlihy will write the specs for this job.

A motion was made and all agreed to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Nilsson, Clerk
Posted:  4/2/02


Charlie McGettigan
-Complete Stockwell Brook Emergency Action Plan
-Complete Dam maintenance
-Get fencing quotes
-Call R.H. White Auburn office
Locate permit & minutes relating to Quinn Bros. gravel operation on Route 31 south
-Obtain rules & regs. from Jaffrey, Greenville & Merrimack
-Call John Wells @ Bobís Directional Boring to find out where we stand with them.
-Call Steve Byrd, Mark St. Cyr, Porter Plumbing and/or Hopkin and schedule these installations:
    Regional Urban Development
    Roedel ñ expansion tank
    Dick Tuttle ñ 2 meters
    Mazzuchelli ñ relocate meter
    Others not on this list
-Locate valve on Eastview line. Install valves, gateboxes and Tís at Eastview section of river crossing
-Replace and relocate hydrant on Russell Street
-Replace and relocate hydrant on Intervale Road
-Install 6î gate in main line at Dale & Laurel Hill Street
-Install blowoff valve at Sweeney residence

Congregational Church
Water line installation & meter @ Sam Proctorís on Madison Street

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