Date:  December 13, 2004
Time:  7:00 pm
Place:  Town Office
Present: Selectmen Jerry Greene, Chair, Robert MacFarland and Daniel Donovan, III
  Recording Secretary Peggy Arn and Debra Greenfield

1) Maurice Guay attended the meeting to discuss the purchase of the tub grinder.  Mr. Greene suggest that Maurice look into the cost of maintaining and running the grinder before going to the Budget Committee.  The option of using a chipper was discussed and a new self-feeding chipper would alleviate the burning problem.
2) Chief Hautanen attended the meeting to discuss his proposed budget for next year.  Discussion ensued as to the necessity of his request for new equipment for the office and his Officers.  Brent also suggested that the Board might consider offering employees the option of exchanging unused sick time for a day off trying to cut down on the sick days used.
3) At 7:35 pm Chairman Greene made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting and to go to a Non-Public Session per RSA  91-A:3,II(a).  Selectman Donovan seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.
4) The  regular meeting was called to order at 7:45.
5) Richard Schwarb of Rideout Road was next on the agenda.  He informed the Board he would like to discontinue a portion of Rideout Road.  This portion of the road has not been used in 50 years and was replaced by another section which then became the Rideout Road which has since been used.  After the Board reviewed plans indicating this portion, they suggested that he have a Warrant Article written to reflect his request that will be discussed and voted on at the annual Town Meeting. The Board would support his request.
6) Richard Thompson attended the meeting to respond to a letter the Board had written to him concerning the up-grading of Putnam Hill Road from Class VI to a Class V Road.  The letter had stated that the residents of this road would have to bear the cost of the work necessary for the up-grade.  After a discussion of the background of the subdivision and the classification of the road at that time, the Board informed him that they would like him to give them more background information concerning the road.  No decision made at this time and discussion will take place after the requested information is received.
5) Discussion ensued concerning a request Dennis Markaverich to have hand railings installed by the movie theater entrances.  Chairman Greene said to get a quote for the installation.
6) The Board reviewed several requests for abatements and added taxes from Tax Collector Jane Farrell.
7) The bills and payroll for the week ending December 11, 2004 were reviewed and approved.
8) The correspondence and informational material was reviewed.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 on a motion.

Respectfully submitted;
Peggy Arn, Recording Secretary

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